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31 August 2007

Today we had CGHOX weighed. It came out at 881 pounds which is quite good. The centre of gravity was also checked and was within limits with one exception:-

Until Peter's diet kicks in effectively, then if he goes flying with another person of high physical status then he has three choices:

1. He can land safely before the fuel gauge reads below 7 litres, or
2. He can continue flying below 7 litres but will lose elevator authority and will probably crash, or
3. He can run out of fuel completely and crash in a different way.

The weighing man's van
He uses special bathroom scales
Really feels like it wants to fly


As we now think we have the end in sight, Peter and Ian decided to start revalidating their licences. We went to Sywell to try out the AT3. This uses the same Rotax engine as our Europa and has some similar characteristics. We both got on fine with the flying.

Not wishing to be outdone, and feeling a bit lonely, Goff paid us an unexpected visit in his Mooney. How very nice, after Peter and Ian slogged their way up the M1 by car we could have had a lift in the Mooney instead!

We were treated to an excellent aerobatic display by 4 Extras over lunch.

Goff couldn't resist sitting in the cockpit
And a very nice cockpit it is!
Peter finished his sortie "let me out!"
Ian tries to look cool and fails
Goff saw this Extra and wants to buy the registration.


While Ian was away in Italy on another little break, Peter and Goff enjoyed a day in the Mooney and flew to the Scilly Isles off the Cornish coast. Here are some pictures:

A picturesque island
You can just see the airfield - built on a hill top.
View across the bay
Outside the restaurant
and inside...yet another picture of food - pilots do get hungry!


Ian and Irene Rickard organised a Europa get together at Old Sarum near Salisbury on 15 September and Ian and Goff went along in the Mooney. The landing fee was free for visiting Europas so we disguised the Moony in a group of Europas. It was a good day. Fabulous weather and we met a dozen fellow builders.

Reme flew in from Paris. We told him that the weather had been as good as this all summer in England
A row of Europas
and some more
Ian RicKard holds a conference all about tail plane pins
The ancient burial ground seen from our climb out.