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We are building a Europa XS with tri gear undercarriage (seen in the background) and fitting a Rotax 912S engine with a variable pitch propeller.



Wing span: 27.17 feet
Overall length: 19.17 feet
Overall height: 7.00 feet

Empty weight (typically equipped): 780 pounds
Max Take-off weight: 1370 pounds
Useful load: 590 pounds

Stall speed flaps extended: 51 mph
Stall speed clean: 57 mph
Cruise speed 8000ft 75% power: 155 mph
Rate of Climb at 1370 lb gross weight: 1000fpm
Take-off ground roll at gross weight: 590 feet
Landing roll: 600 feet

Max fuel capacity: 15 imp galls

Fuel consumption at economy cruise 95-100 kts: 2 galls per hour
Range at economy cruise: 841 miles

Visit the Europa website for full details.