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About The Builders

The aircraft is being constructed by three pilots, Peter Field, Goff Moore and Ian Swankie. All have many years flying experience. Peter and Ian were co-owners in a group which operates a Piper Archer, but we have sold our shares to help fund this Europa project. Goff joined the Europa project in July 2006. He has a share in a Mooney.
Peter's day job is an accountant and he is a single handicap golfer. Goff is a recently retired advertising man who still sings jingles. Ian is a business consultant. His golf handicap is his swing.


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Peter, seen here at the Eastbourne airshow, the day before he started his diet.


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Ian attempting to assemble IKEA chairs. The Europa will seem easy in comparison!

We are building the aircraft in Peter's garage based in Windlesham, Surrey. The Europa is a two seat low wing light aircraft with excellent all round performance. Visit the Europa website for all the details.