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July 2007

Goff continues to be 'slow but trainable'. We did get a bit worried recently. We sent him to the hardware shop to get a pack of 800 grit sandpaper for some fine finishing work. When he came back he said that they didn't have any 800 grit so he bought two packs of 400 grit instead!

While Ian was away on another mini-break, Peter and Goff bought us a trailer. Peter spotted it in the Europa magazine and jumped in quickly to buy it. Here it is at White Waltham:

Ian and Goff spent a very chilly July day at the Fairford Air Tattoo:

Not to be outdone in the travelling stakes by Ian, Goff went on a week long jolly with some friends to Oshkosh. Here are some memories:

Cowboys enjoying themselves


In the front dome of a B17


Just cruising around in a Mustang (as you do)


August 2007

We finally got to the stage of putting the panel back in again. It is beginning to look very good:

We also prepared the engine for its first start. Did all the checks, filled up the oil, filled up the coolant, flushed out the fuel system, filled up with fuel, put all the fuses in, charged the battery up etc etc. So we are all where is the ignition key?........Goff has taken both keys away to get a third one cut. Rude words were exchanged on the telephone. Engine start postponed.

As it seems ages since we had a break from building, Goff and Ian went to Caen in Normandy in Goff's Mooney. A fabulous day with brilliant cloudscapes, historic buildings and of course a three course lunch.


Mini anvils

Cotton wool over the channel

Goff cheating so he looks taller

Caen buildings

Old cathedral

Six of the best oysters

After paying for the taxi from Caen Airfield to the town centre, Ian decided that buying a folding bike would be much more versatile and economical, so he bought the world's smallest fold up bike - the A Bike. It folds and unfolds in under 10 seconds and weighs just 5.5 kg. Here it is:

And here is the bruise after he fell off on the first attempt!:



22 August 2007
A milestone day! We did the final checks on the engine, wheeled the plane out onto Peter's drive, tied the back to Peter's Volvo and got ready to start. Goff couldn't make it so he joined us by teleconference just to hear the noise of the engine running!
Here are some clips of the event:


Final walk round


First start up


First start up - again!


We ran the engine for about twelve minutes and all the temperatures and pressures were normal. Just a tweak to the idling speed, and it is now fine. A very satisfying feeling!