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October 2007

We fitted the magnetic compass. In order to align the compass with the centreline of the aircraft we devised a clever little device. We fitted a long piece of plywood in one of the mounting screw holes, then lined up a line on the plywood with the centre line before drilling the remaining holes. Worked a treat.


12 October 2007

Justin and Mike from Damar signs came to fit our colour scheme. This took them most of the day but they did a fantastic job. The plane is really looking like it is itching to fly now.

24 October 2007

Taxi trials day!
We successfully transported the aircraft to White Waltham Airfield where Peter and Barry (our inspector) spent an hour happily taxiing round checking the brakes, steering, radios and engine. They then tested the engine at maximum rpm and all went well (just a short snag list). Peter said he was very tempted to open the throttle fully at the start of the runway, get to 50 knots then ease back on the stick to see if it would fly. But he restrained himself knowing that it would be completely illegal and he had a PFA inspector pressing up against his right shoulder.

Here are some pictures: