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September 2006

Filling and sanding and filling and sanding and fillng and sanding and filling and sanding.........l

Peter enjoying a bit of rubbing
It will look worse before it looks better!
Terry breaks for tea and dust
Goff wears a muzzle to stop him humming jingles
'I'd even rather be ironing my shirts than this'
Heavy duty sanding block with extractor.

Peter and Ian took a little diversion one evening and we went for a trial ride in a gyroplane from RAF Benson. Quite an experience. Just like being on an aerial motorbike.



On 1 October Goff celebrated a big birthday and had a great party at White Waltham airfield. This is the cake Helen (his wife) made. Isn't it brilliant? It was a real shame to cut it. Peter mangaged to eat all three wheel spats and a propeller!


Most of of our time has been spent sanding and filling. It is very tedious and messy work, but unfortunatley it is the finished paintwork that everyone sees and our plane will be judged on the way it looks. Terry has been very helpful. His skilled hands can detect undulations which we have missed. He claims some of them to be bigger than the F****ing Grand Canyon.

On some surfaces we sprayed a thin coat of grey primer before sanding it off to reveal any dips.

Grey primer

Goff practising his grafitti tag


Peter decided to have a go at fitting the windscreen one day on his own. Although he has a supersized brain he admits that he only has one pair of hands yet he needed at least two pairs to do this job. This is where his brain came in handy and he decided to use our hydraulic hoist as another set of hands. Of course the advantage was that the hoist didn't get tired and stayed in place all night while the Redux adhesive cured. Here are some pictures:

And this is the finished result:


We (actually, Terry) found a large dip in the profile around the circular inspection hatch at the bottom of the fin. So we repaired it using a strip of plastic, some parcel tape and a blob of car body filler. The end result is super. Here is the job in progress:

These are two pictures of plane builders at work:

Peter's non verbal communication skills are slowly improving.

After two months of enduring Peter's dog's farts Goff decided that enough is enough!