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January 2007

Just before Christmas Goff spent a couple of weeks in Florida renewing his IMC rating. While he was there he also renewed his night rating and just for fun got himself a seaplane rating. While he was away Ian went to India for a holiday so he wouldn't be left alone with Peter. So Peter had a good time by himself with no one to insult except the dog.

Well someone's got to have fun
We have warned Goff that the Europa will not have floats
Goff before a night sortie


The sanding is nearing completion (we hope) and Barry, our inspector, came round to sign off the flying surfaces. We forgot to set up the deliberate mistake for him to find - but he managed to pass everything without fault. The next step is to paint the whole thing, so hopefully the next photos will be of a shiny white aircraft.

We bought ourselves a New Year present:

Peter's reliable but old Hoover eventually started to belch out more dust than it was sucking in so we invested in a cost about £15 for each of our lungs and it is already making a huge difference.

Here are some pictures of the rear end, complete with the rudder.


Ian with a pen up his nose. He finds pain is a great way to distract him from having to do any work.


Peter tries the flap motor and declares it broken. Ian tried afterwards using the correct connections and it works fine.


Peter spraying a door handle.
If the Health and Safety people see this
we will get shut down!

February 2007

After much discussion about what the aircraft should look like when it has been painted, we decided to invest in a professional graphic designer to come up with some ideas. We used Jim Brown at Custom Designs and we went to see him at Earls Colne airfield. We each gave him our own ideas and he has come up with dozens of great samples. In true accountant's fashion Peter has put our votes on a spreadsheet and so Microsoft will be making the final decision for us.

Goff and Ian had a day out in Southend in Goff's Mooney. A lovely cold winter day once the fog had cleared. Here are some pictures: