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14 OCTOBER 2002
Well over 48 hours later and the floor hasn't hardened. Ian phoned the paint manufacturers who say that unless we used their own sealer first (which we didn't), the paint will take months to harden properly. Their solution was to remove the old paint and sealer with an industrial grinder then start again. The cost and the mess will be horrendous. Oh shit, and we think we've got the skills to build an aeroplane. We can't even paint the floor without a disaster!
Peter has a solution. We will carpet the floor over the unhardened paint.

18 OCTOBER 2002
Drove to Yorkshire for the Europa weekend workshop. Had a second flight on Friday which reaffirmed our decision. It was wonderful to fly. Had several Yorshire beers in the evening with the rest of the course members.

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Peter at the controls of the Tri gear, taken from the monwheel demonstrator


19 OCTOBER 2002
Started our workshop. Lots of useful stuff about workshop conditions and safety, then we had our first encounter with glass fibre. We had to make a wheel chock. On the next page is a selection of photos taken at the weekend workshop.