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25 NOVEMBER 2002
We can't get underway with any epoxy work until the heating is installed. Trouble is the new radiators are coming from France (they are much cheaper) and the threat of lorry drivers blocking all suppies to the ports will inevitably lead to delay. So we'll get on with bolting as much of the hardware together as we can, and making some jigs.

28 NOVEMBER 2002
Peter has made the jigs for positioning the flap hinges. We agreed at the start that we would use the rule 'measure twice and cut once'. Peter did measure twice and we cut once, only to find a discrepency of 1 cm which could make a very wobbly flap hinge. We noticed just in time, but from now on we are going to measure three times!

Peter makes the first cut in almost the right place!

29 NOVEMBER 2002
The replacement fuselage arrived along with the tailplane assembly.

Ian has a fear of spiders, a serious arachnaphobic. Peter knows this, and initially helped by clearing all the little (and big) beasts from the garage. But being so sympathetic, this is what Peter left in the garage as a little present:

A nine inch hairy monster (clockwork)

The heating is now due to arrive next week, so we still can't start any epoxy work. So the day was spent assembling wheels and tyres. Although we won't need them officially for several months at least we now have some tyres to kick when we arrive in the morning. It is an old aviation tradition!
We also started cutting the holes in the cockpit module. Here is the first one: