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14 NOVEMBER 2002 at 1.50pm
The kit arrived!!

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The tail wrapped up to keep it nice and warm Peter says that he thought we ordered one WITH an engine The labels on the boxes look ominous

The wings won't fit on the garage ceiling where we intended, so we thought the best thing would be to cut about a foot off the end of each wing. This would also have the advantage of making the plane a bit lighter. On second thoughts, there may be some mysterious aerodynamic reason why we shouldn't do this. So, plan B is to do a minor bit of demolition so we can store them along the walls of Peter's garage. That is a job for the weekend. Meanwhile where is the Builder's Manual? What! We're never going to get through this lot. Not a bit like the Airfix kit we had been promised. Oh well, down the pub and consider whether we've done the right thing.

16 NOVEMBER 2002
Spent the day unpacking about 20,000 bags of hardware and sorting out where to put it all. The fuselage, wings and seat belts were about the only bits recognisable. Everything else is small bits of metal, rubber, wood or glassfibre.

19 NOVEMBER 2002
We had found a crack in the fuselage and we're not sure if it is serious, so we have e-mailed a photo to Europa for their opinion.

21 NOVEMBER 2002
Some pictures of the workshop:

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It will never fly with all this lot in it!
Number plate and mascot displayed on the workshop floor. Note the lovely carpet!
Peter rehearsing his sanding technique

22 NOVEMBER 2002
Europa agree to swap the fuselage with another one in case the crack is serious. They subsequently found that it was only a cosmetic problem which they have rectified.