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20 October 2002
At the Europa weekend workshop

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Neville from Europa making final adjustments before the breast implant operation
Mark the sales director demonstrates how to burn the tyres from a customer's car.

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A view we hope we don't ever see of our plane while we are flying it

21 OCTOBER 2002
Our kit is due to be delivered but Europa asks if we can postpone delivery. We say OK, but ask for a new date so we can work round it. They don't seem to know. They may have a nice product, but their organisation and administration is showing signs of weakness.

28 OCTOBER 2002
We buy a fuselage cradle from a Europa builder in west Drayton who has finished his.

Still no word from Europa, and they don't even return our phone calls.

30 OCTOBER 2002
A phone call to Ray Bedford at Europa seems to solve it. Our kit is apparently arriving next week and we have agreed a delivery date of 12 November. Meanwhile Ian has to build the cupboard for the cloth rolls, fix the lighting, sort out insulation round the garage doors, clean up the second hand fuselage cradle, build a new work bench, organise the tools and supervise new heating*. All this in Peter's garage, and all while Peter is in Spain playing golf, and enjoying sun, sangria and senioritas. Someone's got to do it.

* The heating is being installed by Bisque Commercial (a client of Peter's). They supply fantasically elegant radiators, just right for our garage! Do look at their beautiful website, you never know when you'll need their services: BISQUE

The fuselage dolly arrived, but can't get in the garage yet because Peter has swanned off to Spain and left his car blocking the garage door. Oh well, if it gets nicked from outside his house we know it will be by a Europa builder, the thing will be absolutely useless to anyone else!

13 NOVEMBER 2002
Plane didn't arrive yesterday. A misunderstanding at Europa, they thought it was Thursday, so now it should arrive tomorrow. The garage is now full of golf clubs and all the trophies Peter won in Spain.