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March 2007

Despite careful marking and measurement, when we refitted the wings after fixing the root fairings there was a horrible gap. We decided that we would not be able to live with this, so Peter came up with the idea of cutting off the fairings, assembling the wings and refitting the fairings using bits of glass fibre, then filling the gaps back in the workshop. Worked a treat.

Our paint sprayer did a test piece using the rudder, although it looked great from a distance on close inspection there were too many pin holes still visible. So while Ian was away in India, Peter and Goff set to work at filling all the surfaces with UV Smoothprime. It takes six coats using a paint roller.

It seemed unnatural painting a plane with a roller.

Ian went to India to recruit some potential aircraft builders:

These scouts were all a bit too
keen for our relaxed approach.

The turban uses 10 meters of cotton,
so he would be better suited to building
a fabric aircraft.


He was good with magic carpets,
but no experience of glass fibre.

Goff and Peter also had time to play. Peter went to Dubai and got the hump (on a camel). Goff flew to Bournmouth for a session on a Boeing 727 simulator:

'Pass the coffee - we are on autopilot!'

A great few days of spring sunshine stirred up the urge to fly. While Peter was busy seeing clients Goff and Ian (who have no clients) went to Le Touquet in the Mooney.

Two sad old ex-rockers
having ice creams by the beach

Just to show that it is not all play and no work, we spent a morning completing Mod 72 which involved removing the engine, re-boring two mounting holes and strengthening with a steel tube. It was fiddly, especially as we had to remove all the exhaust ducting to clear the engine, but it went OK with only occasional swearing from Peter, a bit of blood from Ian's knuckles and some ghastly peppermint tea courtesy of Goff.

"If I could get up off the ground quickly I'd come and grab that bloody camera - come down here and help me!"

"OK Peter, you hold the engine for a bit, I'll go and make some tea"

Ian enjoys the sun lamp while Peter swears at the fact that someone keeps loosing his screws.

April 2007

We continued with the preparation for painting and started taking the various bits to our painter. The results were mixed. Some items looked superb, but other revealed blemishes after painting we had not spotted before, so needed reworking.

And just to prove that it is not all work and no play, Goff took us to Jersey for the day in the Mooney. here we are relaxing (again).

At St Brelade's. We are upright - the horizon is sloping!

The magnificent bay at St Ouens

Just the three courses today